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Compliance Packing (Bubble Packing)

Customized Medication for Every Patient

What is a compliance pack?

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Compliance packing is a system used to package medications in a way that makes it easy for patients to take the correct doses at the correct times. Medications are typically packed into small, individual packets, which are then placed into a larger container. The container may be divided into sections, each of which corresponds to a different time of day. Alternatively, the container may be divided into days of the week. This system helps to ensure that patients take their medications as prescribed and Improves compliance with treatment plans. Bubble packing is a specific type of compliance packing that uses individual bubbles to enclose each pill or capsule. This type of packaging can be beneficial for patients who have difficulty opening packets or counting pills. Compliance packing can also be used to package other types of medical supplies, such as wound dressing or syringes. By using compliance packing, patients can be sure that they are receiving the correct medication in the correct dosage.


Allows independence for seniors and special needs individuals.


It can accommodate over-the-counter meds, nutritional supplements, and prescription medicines.

Time Saving

Saves time by avoiding the need to set up medicines.


Ensures family and caregivers that their loved ones are taking medication correctly.

Senoir Care

Helping Seniors Get Their Medicine

At Tim’s Pharmacy we offer free compliance packing medications and delivery to our local Assisted Living homes. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you and your nurses get your patients medicines compliance packed.

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