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What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

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Compound medications are created when there are no FDA-approved versions of certain drugs available, or they can be made for patients who cannot take commercially produced medicines for various reasons.

Compounding medicines provide patients with drugs that are customized to fit their needs when marketed drugs do not. This allows a patient with an allergy to particular ingredients to get the same medication without the worry of an allergic reaction. Some individuals will need compounded medication with a precise dosage to address individual needs that may not be met by marketed drugs.

Compounding pharmacies are also used for optional purposes. Sometimes, people need their medicines in different forms. For example, if an adult or a child has trouble taking medicine in pill form, they can get it as a cream or syrup. Compounding medication is also used to change the taste and color of medicine in order to make it more favorable for children, as well as animals.



Giving Children the Care They Deserve.

Compound medication for children is a complex process that requires an understanding of children’s unique needs. We strive to understand your child’s needs in order to compound medication that works just right for them.

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care for the entire family

Compounds How you need them

A compounding pharmacy can create medications into different forms for the individual needs as well as preferences.

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Liquid formulations

Capsules, Tablets, or Troches

Gels, creams, lotions, or ointments

Lollipops or lozenges



Animal Care

Helping Pets Get Their Medicine

A compound pharmacy can help with giving medicine to a stubborn or unhappy pet by changing the taste of medication and making it easier to administer. With a compounded medicine, you can rest easy knowing that giving medicine to your pet will not be a grueling process every time it is needed. 

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Compounding Pharmacy

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If you want to learn more, you can meet with our Compounding Specialists. They would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our Compounding Services. 

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